Old School:

Gone But Not Forgotten 

During the course of my life thus far, I have made literally thousands and thousands of pieces of art in a variety of mediums. And suffice it to say, my attempt to document the bulk of it has been shoddy at best. Here are some random shots of my past work.  What you see here are fotos of fotos of paintings whose dates and titles often escape me.... in no particular order, I will try and document these things as best I can. There are several hundred fotos, I will update little by little. All of this work has either been sold or given away.

All things must pass.     

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Point of View

c. 2016, acrylic on wood


When we are Here and There at the Same Time

c. 2106, acrylic on wood


The Light that Radiates Your Beauty and Your Grace

c.2004, acrylic on wood

28" x 28"

From Memory

c. 1998, acrylic on wood

48" x 48"

The Things We Leave Behind

c. 1999, masonite,  wood box, acrylic

24' x 36"


c. 1999,

papier-mache on canvas, acrylic, 18" x 24"

The Clothes on Our Backs

c. 2004

acrylic on wood, 15" x 22"

Three Spaces

c. 2005 (?)

acrylic on wood, 24" x 48"

The Line Up

c. 2001, acrylic on wood

12" x 18"

On the Way

c. 1999, acrylic on wood


El Verano

c.2001, acrylic on wood

12" x 12"


c. 1999, acrylic on wood

35" x 18"

Maskc. 1990

papier-mache, newspaper, straw, tempura paint

The Sound

c.1999, acrylic on wood

12" x 7"

The Third Man

c. 2000, acrylic on wood

48" x 48":

The Descent from Above

c.2019, acrylic on canvas