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Passing It Along

So....Where does it go?...the money, that is!


As I've stated, approximately 50% (or quite a bit more as is the case) of all earnings from my artwork go to help those that I have met along the way that are in need.   

Here is a partial list of assistance for 2019 

El Salvador



I met a young man named Victor in San Isidro, El Salvador. He was born with a condition that has radically contracted his muscles between his neck and shoulder. $575 was given for weekly physical therapy.  He is making great improvement!  

A friend in need on Jocoaitique, El Salvador: $125


The community of El Carmen: basic needs, food medicine, etc: $875


Family in Anamoros, El Salvador: $500  

Friends who work in the countryside that plant corn in need of help: $225


Students (university and seminarians) basic school supplies and books: $450


The purchase of a prostethic leg for a friend who was violently assaulted: $7,500 (with the help of many friends)   


Mission work assistance for a family: $500

Food, toiletries and medicine, brought directly to families in various towns and villages of Jalapa: $1,500

Priest-friend in Diocese of Jalapa, basic needs: $400


-Family in Oaxaca:  food and medicine: $325

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