Why are we here?

...Why are we here at this place and time in the course of human history? What is the purpose and meaning of our existence?  What illuminates our soul?......What moves us to console, uplift, engage, cry out, contemplate,  and love without condition? 


What and who has come before us that gives us reason to rejoice?  ...that has inspired us and urged us on? … What and who has opened our existence to the other? …to the transcendent….to the divine?


  And, on the contrary, what has broken us down?...broken us apart?.... (sometimes into tiny, fractured pieces)....What has driven us to violence, distrust, fear, isolation, indifference and despair?


There is no doubt: We are simply passing through space and time….but in this moment that we have been given, we are called to something better than the routine, the dull grind, the self-obsessed promotion,  the endless noise, senseless gossip, and negativity that afflicts us.


We all have the desire to know that our life, in fact, has meaning. 

Arise, Therefore!  The hour is at hand.