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The Hype of Stereotype

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

My older brother (who passed away some ten years ago) once told me: "Stereotypes are there because they are true". Maybe if had he added "perhaps, to some to degree"...I would have found his comment a little more palatable (but not much). Yes, we are all influenced to some degree by country and family of origin, social surroundings, etc which may feed into the notion of stereotype (and which trickles its way mysteriously into our subconscious). But the thing I can't (and don't want to shake off) is the deeper truth at hand. Every person, even when considering all form of exterior appearance and influence, is so incredibly of each (or one of a kind, I think is said). We each have our own way of perceiving ourselves and the world around us. Each vision, in this manner, is singular. When our defenses are down and we find a way to be a little bit more vulnerable is where we come to our sense of the self. We are all so weird, beautiful, complicated, simple, mysterious, incarnate, agitated, peaceful, bewildered, animated, turned on and turned off by so much. Maaaaan, ufffff, I need to give everyone a little breathing room...a little fresh air...a generous space to let the light in. All without the trimmings. All without the box.

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