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Why are we Here?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Why are we here? This is a central, philosophical, spiritual, existential question posed, pondered and contemplated by many. It has emitted an unending array of responses: good, bad, logical, lop-sided, unsure, confused and indifferent.

What is our basic understanding of meaning? Is it merely subjective (based on feelings and personal motivations) or is meaning objective by nature? Do we "make meaning" or does it exist outside of us?

I am certain of one thing: I did not invent Truth, Compassion, Grace, Forgiveness, Mercy and Love; these things are intrinsic to the created order and bestowed upon the human person. How I choose to live into or abide by these objective realities is where the subjective later enters in....sometimes to our common benefit and other times at our peril.

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